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Freeze Dried Bananas

Freeze Dried Bananas

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So much banana, so little weight! Fruits are 80%+ water. We extract that during the freeze drying process, meaning these feel light as air, making them perfect for camping, backpacking, or on the go snacks. Plus, with a shelf life in the decades, you'll never have a spoiled banana on your hands again!

Our freeze-dried bananas are a delicious and convenient snack option. Made from ripe bananas that are freeze-dried to lock in their natural sweetness and flavor, these bananas are the perfect on-the-go snack. They are lightweight and easy to pack, making them great for hiking, camping, or traveling. They are also non-perishable and have a long shelf life, so you can stock up and always have them on hand. Plus, they are a good source of potassium and dietary fiber. Enjoy the taste of fresh bananas anytime, anywhere with our freeze-dried bananas.


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What's On Your Mind?

What is freeze drying? Do you mean dehydrating?

Freeze drying and dehydrating are wildly different processes. Many people are familiar with dehydrated fruits and foods, but dehydration doesn't fully remove the moisture. In addition, it zaps a lot of nutrients and flavor out of the finished product!

In comes freeze drying. In this process, items are frozen to between -20 and -30 deg F. Then, they're placed under extreme vacuum, getting as low as 1-2 psi. For reference, atmospheric pressure is about 14 psi. Finally, the system heats up the items so the water can evaporate through a process called sublimation while leaving 98% of the original nutrients.

What do these taste like?

Freeze-drying actually enhances flavor, meaning these taste like the foods you know and love but in "extreme mode". They may even warrant an "X-Treme" because it's really that intense.

Candies taste more flavorful, fruits taste fresh and even more flavorful. This always takes people by surprise and we knew we were onto something when one of our friends said, "these taste better than normal bananas!"

How do I store this stuff?

Since almost all water has been removed from the product, foods that once needed refridgeration can get stored at room temperature!

This also means an end to spoilage and easy pack-down ability, making some of our fruit options no-brainers when you need to reach for a healthy snack.

Do you add anything?

Nope - nothing to add! We may spritz some fruits, like apple slices, with a little lemon to keep them from browning or may add some ingredients here and there like cinnamon, but it's purely for flavor. You'll also see that called out in the ingredients.

However, there's nothing required for freeze-drying to work beyond some time, a little freezing, and a lot of vacuum.